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As part of my third year photography degree we are encouraged to publicly show our work. Whilst we are creating a final show of our images for the end of this academic year we have also been told, by our tutor, to show our work at the Ferens Open Exhibition in Hull.

This annual exhibition is, as stated, an open exhibition of art where anyone can enter. There is a small admin fee for accepting, processing and communication regarding your submissions, yet nothing drastic to the wallet. More information regarding entries, rules and regulations can be found via the official website at

There are several categories which can be entered and that provide a cash prize for winners. The two obvious categories for myself were the ‘Student Prize’ which carries a £100 prize for the chosen winner and the ‘Image inspired by the WW1 centenary celebrations’ which carries a £500 prize and is decided by public vote.

With the categories in mind my selection of images, to be submitted, was rather easy. Both images are eligible for the student prize with the second also eligible for the WW1 commemorative prize.

My first image is something already discussed further along this blog. This was an image which developed through the shoot culminating in the final and now much discussed image. This image says so much to so many people in so many different ways. It has been quite enlightening how an image can provoke responses and the thinking behind those responses. As such the image “Liberty” was my first submission.



My second submission is directly targeted to the WW1 Inspiration prize and also further down this blog. Since this first saw daylight online it has also generated a huge response about it’s emotions. I have also had a request from the British Legion if they may use it in advertising the poppy cause in future years, which I have granted permission.

The only difference to the image, compared to the original version, is the removal of the ‘Flanders Fields’ poem. There is a statement on the entry form about using copyrighted ‘©’ works on your images or indeed copying images. Though the poem appears un copyrighted and widely used and accepted as free usage I did not want to come unstuck over something so minor. I thus removed the poem from the image. This still left plenty of information to the rear with the war graves and silhouettes of soldiers thus no further changes were made.

Titled ‘Devestation’ I felt this not only covered the devastation created at the time, yet also the subsequent problems this so called ‘Great War’ created. My daughter was crying because, as an 8 year old, the comprehension that more people died in that war, than attend her school, deeply upset her and thus the devastation continues to this day.


Ferens 1