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The bride from a recent wedding requested if I could do something special with her and the bridesmaids flowers after the big day. She was after something which could be used as wall art and be personal in a very unique way.

I simply arranged & placed the flowers together so as to be aesthetically pleasing and then, to truly personalise the image, placed the bride & grooms wedding rings onto one of the flower cups.

A very simple idea which took longer to get the flowers correctly arranged than it did to actually photograph them.

They absolutely loved the finished image.


Well what a year 2014 has been. The business has grown at an unprecedented, and genuinely unexpected, rate with all the event photography we are now undertaking. The numerous weddings we covered were all superb too with lovely people and locations too. We are already heavily booked up for 2015 with events, weddings and birthday/anniversary portraits so looks like I am going to have another fun year with equally great memories as this year has given me. With some of these events and weddings scattered about the UK this also means lots of new places to visit and photograph too.

Well into year 3 of my BA(Hons) now which will soon be over and then back to just working for a living.

Hope all the subscribers, and random viewers, to this thread have had a great 2014 and I would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous 2015.

I’ll close with another image of fireworks, seeing as in a few hours the sky will be full of them, as we all celebrate the New Year. Out of the 3 weddings, this year, which had firework displays the Hazelwood Castle display wins by a fine margin so here’s another from that day.

Happy New Year 🙂


Today was the last wedding of 2014 for me. A total of nine this year and every one has been an absolute joy to attend and shoot. All nine have fed both myself and my son along with providing refreshment throughout the day which is such a lovely gesture when people could easily be distracted by more important things.

My last two weddings have both had fireworks which are not only beautiful to watch but a challenge to shoot also. Easy to catch fireworks yet composing an overall image can be somewhat difficult. Thankfully the KP provide an excellent vantage point for the bride and groom to watch the display from which also just happens to give the photographer chance to compose some potentially superb images. I was informed by the coordinator that some photographers hate this aspect of the day yet I find it a superb ending to any album or series of images.

Well with just a few family portraits booked for tomorrow and then nothing whilst February, unless a short notice booking drops in, the majority of posts that follow will be about my Year 3 Final Uni Project.

Have a wonderful Xmas everybody.