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Within the interpretations task No.11 is “Things in a pile”. This had me thinking for a couple of days trying to avoid the obvious. Cars, rubbish, rocks, people and the list was quite extensive when I had finished scribbling my ideas down but nothing stood out. Watching a cookery programme on Tv and saw a stack of meat in a bun as one of these mad American challenges and then came the idea……….chocolate, biscuits & cake.

Had a quick scribble for an idea on content and then off to the shops for the building materials.

The creation of the image from this point was simple. Cut and stack the chocolate onto a white perspex board and adjust until happy with the layering, colour, texture and shape. The pile was lit with just a single key light slightly above and pointing down onto the stack. I had this key light on a boom arm to lift it out of the way and give me more freedom in finding the angle I wanted. Nothing worse than having a light stand and modifier in your way when doing product photography. I decided to illuminate the background yellow and used a floor stand mounted light with barn doors and a yellow filter attached to achieve this effect. Got my angle and metered the shot, took a few more but felt it was lacking something. In came a single strawberry to sit on the top. Added as a little bit of fun, with it being the only healthy part of the pile, the image as a whole still lacked something. One brew later and I was back with some syrup. Poured it all over the strawberry and just let it run down the pile taking shots as it all dribbled down the sides. A few minutes later I had several images showing various stages of syrup coverage and dripping. All fantastic I let my kids loose on the pile.

Some brief post processing and I am extremely happy with the result. This will certainly be one of my final six to be submitted.

Technicals – 100mm Macro, f/8, 1/125th and ISO 100.


And the contents of the tower were –┬áPink & whites, terry’s white orange, cadbury flake, toffee crisp, white chocolate, mint aero, battenberg, cafe curls, rolo bar, wagon wheel, millionaires slice, oreo and one fresh strawberry. All covered in golden syrup.

Hope you like it as much as I do and the kids couldn’t finish it in one sitting.