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Thankfully the last big booked event of the year was the following weekend. I obviously had no idea what was about to happen on a personal level, which I will cover in a separate post, so any additional bookings would have been a nightmare at the time. The event was the annual North West Championships, held over the entire weekend, some 600 competitors and one of our more lucrative bookings. To make things more fun this was the 50th anniversary of the event.

As with previous years the work was hard, the shutter counts into the tens of thousands, though the desk was kept busy from the end of flight one on the Saturday.

This event is one that almost celebrates the inclusion of all levels of competitor. From the basic level entrants, at all ages, to the elite competitors who we see at national events and finals the competition is intense whilst fun.

As always the downside to this type of huge event is editing and uploading the images afterwards. 10,000 images will take roughly 3-4 days of solid editing from 8am to 7pm to process and upload to the website. Things vary with upload speeds and indeed batch processing speeds. This brings on some mamoth headaches and can send your vision a bit funny at times. I have started to now take deliberate beaks where I leave the house for a good hour and visit a coffee shop. I don’t take my phone and simply enjoy an hour of relaxing away from all things digital.

With the images uploaded the emails arrive from parents wanting montages or other products which then takes up the final days and any remaining time of the week processing those. Before you know it you can be packing and driving to another event and not actually done anything other than stare at screens all week. Not great.

The event was a success, mostly due to the organisation and inclusion of so many clubs who have excellent experience of competing at this level. To keep things running smoothly, especially with hundreds of competitors, takes some doing. I have seen many similar events descend into chaos and its not fun for anyone.

The galleries for the day can be found within our main galleries – Click

Some of the winners.

Triple Image-3


Yes October had become another beast of a month. The bookings continued to come with dates into 2020, especially for weddings and events planned well in advance because of location issues.

One of these events is the English TRA/TUM/DMT Championships held at Sheffield EIS every year. We had been asked by British Gymnastics if we would cover this event and the qualifiers if possible. For one of the qualifiers we were already booked and then during the week of the second event we were sadly involved in a collision with an adult deer which Kindly ripped off the front of our van.

Thankfully we arrived at the finals unscathed and set about the weekend. People were glad to see us there owing to, in their words, our high quality competition images and product options. Josh (Our Son) & I covered the main floor whilst Lisa & Chloe (Wife & Daughter) covered the desk and sales as always.

Being the English Championships this was well organised and ran like clockwork, thus making our jobs so much easier with coverage and subsequent image availability.

The weekend was a complete success on both working efficiency and indeed sales angles. This did however add another 9000+ images to the ever burgeoning lost of RAW files to edit and get uploaded into the 31 galleries asap.

Things away from the glamour of shooting are now becoming a blur of staring at screens, whilst editing, and preparing for the next shoot. Busy can be fun, though it can also have its downside which will soon rear its ugly head in the near future.

The montage image below was requested by British Gymnastics to promote the event and page on it’s website. The disciplines on show are trampolining, double mini trampoline and tumbling.

English Champs

The van a few months earlier having hit an adult deer at 60mph. The whole front was pushed backwards and you can see the bonnet is now over the windscreen. Had this been a standard car, the Police stated things would have been considerably worse. Not bad sometimes being a white van man.