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The following image is one of a series that I have undertaken with a very lovely young lady who has participated in several ideas I have had over the last few years.

The idea of body painting someone in either a single colour or multi colours is certainly nothing new yet something I would recommend to any photographer who has the time, a studio and a willing model. The whole experience is something different to the usual humdrum high key imagery normally produced in the studio. With the right people involved you can also have a jolly good laugh as we both did on this occasion.

The model is simply painted in silver dust mixed with body oil. This allows the dust to spread easier whilst giving it a shimmering almost alive look. We had sampled just applying the dust in its raw form yet I believed, and the model agreed, that it looked somewhat dull in comparison to the liquid version. When I say painted the silver was literally applied with a 1″ paint brush from the pot in which it was mixed. Nothing fancy about that at all.

There was nothing outstanding about the shoot and things progressed as with any other shoot trying out different lighting and poses. A whole series of different image styles and poses were accomplished however I will keep the imagery appropriate for all to appreciate whilst retaining the dignity of the model on such a public forum.

The gold liquid was added towards the close of the shoot to simply add a different dimension within the colours. This almost made it look as if she was either melting or indeed oozing the gold from her mouth which we both agreed was a quality look.

With the ‘melting’ idea firmly afloat I added the flame effects in Photoshop to create a set of finished images the model was extremely pleased with. All in all it was a most satisfactory finish to what had initially been a “what if?” idea.


An all too rare family portrait session in August was also a pleasure to do. I don’t push the studio at all and I really should because the rewards can be quite fruitful. I am actually wanting to rip it all out, place full wall to ceiling windows in and have an option of natural light, mixed natural/flash or just flash. I also want a raised apex ceiling with additional skylights too. I will probably then push the studio side of things and see if we can make a real go of it. My issue is that most people just want a high key family photo. I can see why yet I would just love to undertake something a little more alternative with a more adventurous family. Patterned backdrops or sat on seats with low key or coloured lighting. Well just about¬†anything other than high key. We undertook only 14 such sessions in 2016 yet the yield far outweighs the effort required to complete things. I must push this side of things.

A family who wanted the simplest of portraits which we managed in three clicks of the shutter with a 4th being of just the daughter. Here probably 30mins at most, immensely happy with the 24×16 framed print they purchased. I’ve included this as the daughter was an absolute credit to her parents. Big smiles, polite and thoughtful you wonder why so many other kids just couldn’t be like her.

Usual kit used, namely a gripped canon 5Diii, Bowens 750pro’s, sun dish, couple of brollies etc etc providing a nice clean high key image.


Fantastic day in the studio with a semi-pro model trying out several different portrait styles and a myriad of lighting techniques. Got myself a final image for No.10 in my interpretations section of images though this will stay under wraps until very close to the date required owing to it’s potential sensitive nature to some viewers.

A whole selection of portrait images were taken for the models hobby with which she was most happy, even pre post production. I must admit that since completing my studio lighting set up giving me 5 x 750 Pros, a boom arm for that all important hair lighting, plus additional lighting modifiers things have become a lot more slicker whilst lighting position and power alterations take place.

Used my 24-70 for the whole shoot duration and controlled the lighting to f/8 at all times. Yes it would have been easier to just meter and alter the f/stop but I wanted to maintain the depth of field in all the images just as a challenge to myself. My continuing efforts in learning and understanding of the Inverse Square Law within the studio is enabling me to make well educated adjustments to lighting which when re-metered 99% of the time came out at f/8.

One of the images from the day is below. Minor PP, plus some desaturation, created the exact effect to the image that the model wanted. There is some obvious further PP required to bring the image to an acceptable standard though and the model was made aware of this. Outline blend to background being the main issue along with sequins and general outfit corrections. My main annoyance was that I had made a very basic mistake allowing light spill onto the black background. Whilst easy to rectify I really should be getting this right first time and attention to the basics must not be forgotten.

And the technicals are 55mm, 1/125th, f/8 and ISO 100.


4 Nov 2013 – Update

Spent some time on the image cleaning up the blending of the model and background and colours. I also replaced the missing sequins from the straps. The elasticated “V” in the small of her back has also been removed. Though this is supposed to be there for expansion purposes I feel the image benefits from the cloning out.

I decided to complete and show her two copies of the same image. One was coloured as shot in the studio with the second being desaturated by 70%. I preferred the desaturated version yet she preferred the full colour version which serves me right for showing her the two images. She had originally preffered the desaturated version.  I had briefly looked at completing an enhanced colour and vibrance version but it just looked silly and out of place against the black background. The model wanted a low key subdued image and the added colour and vibrance did nothing to enhance the image in any way.

This is the image the client decided on.


This however was my preferred version with the 70% desaturation.