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My final band of the day was to be the Graham Bonnet Band. Whilst there was still The Quireboys, plus headliners, Skid Row to come I had seen both of those bands recently and photographed them both too. Add to this the thought of the early rise in the morning for a whole day of gymnastics photography and that extra time in bed won over shooting those two final acts.

I did hear that both were superb and indeed some of the images I saw, portrayed excellent sets by both. 25 years ago I could burn the candle at both ends on a regular basis. These days common sense steps in when it comes to driving long distances at either end of a days work.

Anyway Graham Bonnet and his band put on a spectacular show and graced us with some classic hits mixed with some more modern opuses he has been involved in. No issues with the voice and time seems to have been kind.

So as he finished his set I was away to the van and on my way home for a cuppa, quick shower and bed. 6am the next morning felt like I had barely got to bed and my alarm had gone off. Later that day I was glad I’d made the decision to leave early as the old tired eyes set in.

All in all a fab weekend at a festival I would wholly recommend. Organised by rockers, run by volunteer rock lovers and a fabulous atmosphere too. Long may it continue.

Find what he’s up to here – Graham Bonnet Band