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Within the interpretations task No.11 is “Things in a pile”. This had me thinking for a couple of days trying to avoid the obvious. Cars, rubbish, rocks, people and the list was quite extensive when I had finished scribbling my ideas down but nothing stood out. Watching a cookery programme on Tv and saw a stack of meat in a bun as one of these mad American challenges and then came the idea……….chocolate, biscuits & cake.

Had a quick scribble for an idea on content and then off to the shops for the building materials.

The creation of the image from this point was simple. Cut and stack the chocolate onto a white perspex board and adjust until happy with the layering, colour, texture and shape. The pile was lit with just a single key light slightly above and pointing down onto the stack. I had this key light on a boom arm to lift it out of the way and give me more freedom in finding the angle I wanted. Nothing worse than having a light stand and modifier in your way when doing product photography. I decided to illuminate the background yellow and used a floor stand mounted light with barn doors and a yellow filter attached to achieve this effect. Got my angle and metered the shot, took a few more but felt it was lacking something. In came a single strawberry to sit on the top. Added as a little bit of fun, with it being the only healthy part of the pile, the image as a whole still lacked something. One brew later and I was back with some syrup. Poured it all over the strawberry and just let it run down the pile taking shots as it all dribbled down the sides. A few minutes later I had several images showing various stages of syrup coverage and dripping. All fantastic I let my kids loose on the pile.

Some brief post processing and I am extremely happy with the result. This will certainly be one of my final six to be submitted.

Technicals – 100mm Macro, f/8, 1/125th and ISO 100.


And the contents of the tower were – Pink & whites, terry’s white orange, cadbury flake, toffee crisp, white chocolate, mint aero, battenberg, cafe curls, rolo bar, wagon wheel, millionaires slice, oreo and one fresh strawberry. All covered in golden syrup.

Hope you like it as much as I do and the kids couldn’t finish it in one sitting.

Had a very informative commissioned shoot this afternoon in the studio today being enlightened to the problems caused by Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. A lady who suffers from this wanted a simple black and white image featuring her and the tag line that sufferers have agreed on.

Sat talking with a cup of tea and she was showing me the way in which this condition allows her to manipulate her body. One of the moves is what can only be described as a reverse prayer position. This looks normal until you actually see the hand are the wrong way around. We tried it out, took the shot and she loved it. Didn’t want to do anymore as she just loved this image so we went with it, popped the tag line on for her and away went one very happy customer.

As the lady was wearing a long sleeved black top I decided to go high key which gave an excellent outline and highlighted her hands. Simple white lettering onto her lower back and the image was complete.

Technicals were 50mm, f/8, 1/125th & ISO 100. I used a single key light for her and a floor light to blow out the background.


Fantastic day in the studio with a semi-pro model trying out several different portrait styles and a myriad of lighting techniques. Got myself a final image for No.10 in my interpretations section of images though this will stay under wraps until very close to the date required owing to it’s potential sensitive nature to some viewers.

A whole selection of portrait images were taken for the models hobby with which she was most happy, even pre post production. I must admit that since completing my studio lighting set up giving me 5 x 750 Pros, a boom arm for that all important hair lighting, plus additional lighting modifiers things have become a lot more slicker whilst lighting position and power alterations take place.

Used my 24-70 for the whole shoot duration and controlled the lighting to f/8 at all times. Yes it would have been easier to just meter and alter the f/stop but I wanted to maintain the depth of field in all the images just as a challenge to myself. My continuing efforts in learning and understanding of the Inverse Square Law within the studio is enabling me to make well educated adjustments to lighting which when re-metered 99% of the time came out at f/8.

One of the images from the day is below. Minor PP, plus some desaturation, created the exact effect to the image that the model wanted. There is some obvious further PP required to bring the image to an acceptable standard though and the model was made aware of this. Outline blend to background being the main issue along with sequins and general outfit corrections. My main annoyance was that I had made a very basic mistake allowing light spill onto the black background. Whilst easy to rectify I really should be getting this right first time and attention to the basics must not be forgotten.

And the technicals are 55mm, 1/125th, f/8 and ISO 100.


4 Nov 2013 – Update

Spent some time on the image cleaning up the blending of the model and background and colours. I also replaced the missing sequins from the straps. The elasticated “V” in the small of her back has also been removed. Though this is supposed to be there for expansion purposes I feel the image benefits from the cloning out.

I decided to complete and show her two copies of the same image. One was coloured as shot in the studio with the second being desaturated by 70%. I preferred the desaturated version yet she preferred the full colour version which serves me right for showing her the two images. She had originally preffered the desaturated version.  I had briefly looked at completing an enhanced colour and vibrance version but it just looked silly and out of place against the black background. The model wanted a low key subdued image and the added colour and vibrance did nothing to enhance the image in any way.

This is the image the client decided on.


This however was my preferred version with the 70% desaturation.


Couldn’t believe my eyes today at breakfast. Having left my egg & toast unattended on the dining room table for just a few moments I returned to find this little fella helping himself to his own portion. Couldn’t believe his cheek so took the photo before sending him on his way.

On a serious note this just screamed for a Slinkachu image. It’s been strange with all the situations that have arisen where I have thought that a specific Slinkachu model would make a great image. Sadly with the cost of the models to create an excellent cross section for different situations is not feasable just for a single Uni image.

Grabbed the camera and using just the poor morning light through the dining room window I captured this.

100mm macro, f/5, 1/80th & ISO 2500


Got myself a boom arm for the studio today and decided to have a play. As usual I accost one of my family to suffer the indignity of sitting in the studio whilst I test new equipment out. I’d rather do this than have a paying customer posing for images sat watching me calculate exposure values and mutter about Inverse Square Law effects during their shoot. Took quite a few images though at one point in my “lets just try this….” thought and application process my daughter adopted a prayer position. I paused for a moment and then took the shot anyway. Thinking she was just bored and messing whilst I adjusted things I asked her what she was doing. Opening one eye and looking straight at me she replied “Praying for the people of the world to be safe”. Lost for words I gave her a hug.

The prayer image.


And a few of the others though they didn’t compress too well, for web, in PS or the reduction process for this 4 in 1 montage.



All the above images were taken with my new 24-70mm 2.8ii, at various focal lengths, 1/125th sec, ISO 100 and metered with a Sekonic L308s. Lighting was a mix of 3, 4 or 5 Bowens 750 Pro’s using beauty dish, brollies, soft boxes, 60 deg reflectors and honeycombs. Various lighting setups were used to simply see what permutations of lighting could be used with which modifier to achieve different results. Some were truly awful, some ok and a few I actually liked. I still find it beneficial to look at my first year studio stuff in a critical way which is not too difficult to do. What I thought was good is actually not that good at all. This does however warm me to the fact that I am actually learning something whilst doing my degree.

My daughter is off school today, as the teachers amazingly need a training day on the day before half term, so might convince her to get back in the studio and practice some hair/rim lighting. She has the most shiny blonde hair I have come across, in a studio setting, which represents a superb challenge in attaining the correct balance of light for her hair without blowing it out.