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The beginning of October saw us covering the third and final Kingston League trampoline  event in East Yorkshire.

This is a typical localised event which garners around the 150 entrants mark for a days competition. As with all local events this gives the newcomers a chance on the big stage in front of their peers and those more used to competition a chance to battle for honours against just team or school mates.

This event has been held at a local school for the last two years sine Hull City banished all the local amateur clubs from the Arena. In some ways this was indeed detrimental owing to the smaller space and subsequent lack of seating. For us however it was actually an improvement. Quite simply the lighting is superb, new and ever so bright. If every indoor event location we worked at had this amount of lumens emanating from the roof lights we would be happy people. Shooting at our usual hight shutter speeds we are using low iso’s that are simply unattainable at even so called prestigious locations such as the Velodrome in London.

All in all a low key event but great fun to be had by all involved.



This shoot had been in the balance since my wife’s operation was delayed but, as luck would have it, it was delayed until tomorrow so smiles all round.

Held at Holy Trinity Church in the town centre this was a shoot involving 5 wedding dresses and one ladies wedding suit all designed by the very talented Becky Adamson, a Year 3 Fashion Designer at the Hull School of Art and Design (HSAD). The awesome interior of the church afforded the quality background these outfits deserved and the shoot was a resounding success. I simply used a single key light for the dresses with a secondary light behind the altar. The secondary light illuminated the very large space between the altar and the rear main window / wall which was simply too dark without it. I had taken a Bowens Portable Travelpak but the extremely kind church warden provided 240v power via extension leads which made life a little easier. I have used the Bowens Travelpak on several occasions at weddings and they are indeed superb with my Gemini 750Pro’s with just the one downside in that they do not power the modelling bulb (for obvious reasons) which does help when setting up your lighting. With 240v at my disposal this minor distraction was not present.

Here is why I decided to go with a fill light. The first image is lacking in depth and looks dark to the rear. By adding the fill light I was able to ignite the rear of the image into colour. With some minor tweaking on light balance before starting the final images look great.


The final image of the day was all the models along with Becky. They just sat on the altar steps and I took the image….lovely 🙂


A 2 week minimum break now as I’ll be nursing my wife after her triple operation tomorrow so don’t think I’ve disappeared. I am being nagged to shoot a festival this weekend but that will depend on my wife’s state of health.

I had been booked for a birthday party this weekend with what seemed a funny couple. How funny I was to find out. They had booked the portable studio for their house before the function. Just a few photo’s with friends and family before I covered the evening shenanigans at the venue.

Photo’s of people in onesies, photo’s of people in fancy dress and then photo’s of people in opposing rugby club colours before finally some of people in their glad rags.

Being in Hull the opposing rugby club colours were obviously Hull FC & Hull KR. These two are getting married next year, have been together for over 10 years and clearly love each other. They also know how to have fun and not take things too seriously.

Possibly the funniest and most certainly amongst the most memorable sequence of images I have ever taken. The following image is a superb example of their love.



You just can’t beat an in house rivalry 🙂