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A busy weekend doing what is rapidly becoming my bread and butter photography and something new in Live Music photography. I have shot live music before and after doing a quick shoot for someone, earlier in the year, I was booked for these two weekends to shoot his band. This in turn has possibly turned into a festival gig in a couple of weeks time.

So one from the bread and butter work. Taken at this weekends Hull Schools Trampolining Competition, this is one of the Hull High Fliers elite girls who currently sits in the UK top 16.


And one from the gig. This is just a simple, wide angle, image showing the 4 members of the group in action. Had about 2ft of room to work in with it being a ‘Pub’ yet with some subtle direction, from myself, over positioning and posing I grabbed plenty of quality individual images of the 4 also. Thankfully the female keyboard player also sings some of the songs which got her to the front and away from the dart board 😉