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Digging about for website images and came across some sets of wire wool experimentation from last year. Great fun doing these and quite fancy doing some more but in odd locations.

The first image was taken with me standing upon an old tractor on Spurn Point before most of it was washed away in the high tides of last year. Long since abandoned and rusted beyond belief my left foot was sinking through the corroded bonnet as I did this which was quite unnerving. It was only when I stopped and realised the cab was on fire that the bonnet issue became a more pressing issue.



This second image was taken at a skate park in Hessle Nr. Hull. The sweeping sides made good for effect with the molten wool. You can see that I am now wearing a full face crash helmet after my woollen hat became scorched in the first shoot. Safety first with this stuff from now on 😉