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The end of August saw the studio turned into what looked like and explosion at a cake factory. A young lads first birthday was celebrated with a cake smash shoot for his family. He however ¬†wasn’t too impressed with whole thing and simply kicked off regardless of what the parents tried to appease him with.

Mum and Dad however were in a superb jovial mood and made the most of the time available having what could only be described as a personal cake fight. I just sat there capturing it all having a jolly good laugh as it happened.

Experience has taught me that covering the floor with one of the clear plastic dust sheets, readily available at most DIY stores makes tidying up so much easier. Simply tape it down and once everyone has left drag it all up carefully into a large bin bag before disposing. Leaves the studio floor almost spotless other than where cake got through the odd minor tear created during the shenanigans.

Usual equipment used as for any high key shoot with just some plastic coverings over the electrical and vulnerable items for protection.


…shooting a cake smash. Good job I can pop in through the week and enrol owing to me working today.

I’ve done several of these now and it’s always good when the parents decide to join in after a while. Today’s parents were superb and quickly became thoroughly immersed in the fun.


Why some photographers shy away from this kind of work bemuses me though could it be the mess?


Edit : As a bonus the couple have just booked me for their wedding next October.