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Saw this again over the weekend at Flamborough Head and oddly reminisced about the many, many years it has been there rotting away on the cliff top. I even recall climbing on this machinery as a child with other kids which would be discouraged today with all the sharp rusty edges now available to injure yourself on. The one still used on the beach appears to be in slightly better shape, and does indeed move when boats need to be towed onshore.

A quickly taken image but one which says so much, even if it’s just about East Riding Council litter policy and enforcement 😉


A few weeks ago one of my adult image customers asked me for something different to the norm. I had been toying with the idea of creating a series of images showing people naked in both landscape and urban images yet very discretely and only as a small part of a lager image.

My aim is to provoke thought on the what and why connotations of the images. Is the person at one with nature and enjoying life or alone, depressed and possibly thinking of ending life. Being naked leaves us open to elements but able to embrace the world around us fully, so what are the people in the images doing?

I pitched the idea and she accepted it straight away. The first image was completed last week and I gave her the option of two images from the shoot. One was ‘as taken’ and the second had a darkened sky with moon inserted. She preferred the moon image and we also agreed it spoke more and gave more for discussion on the what, why’s and when’s of the image.

So here is the first image as was taken on the day. I wanted to soften the water and so used a long exposure to capture it. The day however, as you can see, was bright sunshine so even with a 10 stop ND filter, a 0.6 ND Grad for the sky and an aperture of f/22 I only had a max exposure time of 25-30 seconds. Still looks nice though.


And the second image which the customer preferred. I have already taken a couple of enquiries, from her friends, about costings as they would like similar images.



Ideas for the next image include a waterfall, river or just rolling hills.