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I’ve been meaning to get this all up to date recently, and indeed I will soon be doing so, though a recent event has prompted me here in advance.

We recently covered our third National Trampoline League & DMT finals at the Olympic Velodrome in London as the official photographers of the event. Now whilst this will be subject to my all encompassing end of year update, it was actually our journey down to London which causes me to write today.

We always stop somewhere for tea, a loo break and a coffee for the onward journey. It helps break up the long journeys to events and as any driver will tell you, that half hour rest can do you the world of good. Last Friday was no exception and whilst travelling down the A1 through Lincolnshire it was time to indeed stop for this break. A Burger King Restaurant along with a petrol station approached and after a quick consultation, with the kids, I pulled in and parked up. The Burger King was almost empty, which I like, so items are usually cooked to order and indeed that was what we were informed by the counter assistant. Mmm nice hot fresh food rather than the stuff thats been kept Luke warm in the heater display trays.

I saw the most luscious looking image of a Triple Cheese & Caramelised Onion Angus Burger on the display board, placed my order with the wife and went to the loo. Upon my return the family had all placed their orders and had sat down to wait. Imaging my excitement when the young counter assistant brought over our freshly cooked meals, oh was my mouth drooling. We almost yet not quite.

Indeed if my mush had of been drooling at the prospect of this lush looking burger on the display board it would have been sorely disappointed in what laid beneath the wrapper.

I think its time for an image, the image of disappointment, corporate greed, misleading advertising and the blatant rip off that these soulless fast food outlets have become….

Burger King

Now excuse me for being disappointed with what I unwrapped, but do the two images match? Of course they don’t and Burger King just don’t care either. I enquired as to my lacklustre looking offering against the most pristine of images on the display board and was assured that it was indeed what it was supposed to be. I think my look of disbelief prompted the comment “We cant replicate those images but your burger does contain what it should”. This is surely the biggest con going and they are getting away with it. If I ordered a new car with a luxurious leather & walnut interior I think I’d have recourse to complain if it came with some tatty old worn cloth seats from a bus in. Why should food be any different?

To be fair to the poor counter assistant it would appear that I wasn’t the first to complain about this limp excuse for a burger. I tweeted my disgust and some four days later no response from Burger King. I’ve placed it on Facebook and again no response. In an age where there are many offerings, of fast food outlets, it would appear that Burger Kings silence on the matter speaks volumes. Do they actually not care about customers like me who will never eat Burger King again. Heaven forbid I might order chips one day and receive wood shavings instead. Hey ho we have your money, just eat and drive on.

To rectify things we stopped at one of the many “OK Diners” restaurants along the A1 on our way home and enjoyed four sumptuous meals (kids had burgers) and drinks. I used to like Burger King for their bigger burgers, though after this experience I doubt we shall return any time soon.

Independents rule.