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Finally completed the last of my booked portraits and now have a three week gap to construct and shoot my final major idea.

Whilst in the studio I wanted to test one of the proposed, FM, suits to see how it contrasted against the same coloured background. Though the final set will incorporate black and white stripes this gave a good interpretation of what can be expected.

It could also pass as light figure on a dark background or vice versa.



In the studio today regarding something completely different but wanted to capture some smoke shots for a potential image I’m thinking about.

Having completed the shoot I simply inverted one of the smoke shots to create a “Dark figure against a light background” and obviously in it’s original from the reverse.

Arty enough to stop head banging on desk, doubt it but I like it anyway.


Created with just one incense stick and single flash.

This next image was taken whilst using 3 incense sticks later in the shoot to show the setup. You can see the single flash unit with barn doors attached.


100mm macro, f/8, 1/125th sec & ISO 100

Another image from the 3 stick trial being Light on a dark background potential.



50mm, f/8, 1/125th and ISO 100