Mr Red


Well as you may have guessed from the title name is Mr. Red and it’s just wonderful to be here. Firstly I would just like to clarify that I am an indoor cricket ball and not a tennis ball. I am somewhat heavier than my tennis court cousin but just as round, fluffy and interesting as they are. It would appear that I am possibly to be used, by my master, for an interpretation image. No idea what that is but he seems a nice bloke. Here’s hoping my ideas and the resulting images please him enough to be used. With my lovely texture, shape and colour the images could get a little funky.

As an arrival gift Paul is organising some cosmetic surgery in the morning and then taking me to an arena and a sports centre over the weekend which sounds so exciting.

So here is my first image as an introduction to you all. Lit with a single key light, a blue background light and sitting on a green gel I feel this prime(ary) image of colour is rather nice.



9 Nov 2013

So here I am with my new look…..eyes !! WOW it’s great seeing what’s going on around me now rather than just feeling the buffeting of every day life. Had a trip out to the Gemtec Arena today and tried my hand at trampolining which was great fun for an indoor cricket ball. Rolled off a few times but practice makes perfect as they say.

Moi on the trampoline….


And one of me about to jump off the safety mat.


Stay happy everyone 🙂

10 Nov 2013

A cultural day out today with the family. Firstly a meeting with a bride & groom to be a look around the church and venue at Wykeham. Everything sorted and booked so Paul had a smile on his face and decided lunch was to be in Whitby. Had a mooch about the Abbey before walking down to the harbour for fish & chips which were superb.

A wonderful bright, crisp and clear day with a very low sun causing havoc with extreme shadows gave Paul plenty of opportunity to test his exposure skills. Amazed at how busy it was too considering the rather chilly 3c temp all day.

Here I am at the Abbey


Thoroughly enjoyed my first Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas too.


13 Nov 2013

Wow these frosty Autumn mornings are certainly a shock to the system. Decided to get myself a nice wooly hat made for such an occasion to help keep me warm. I’ll possibly wanting a sledge or boots soon according to the weather forecast. A lovely little portrait of me showing the complexity of the ice on the car windscreen and wiper blade with the Autumnal leaf frozen to the screen. You can just see the early sunlight reflecting in my eyes too. A chilly image indeed.


And for those that need to know 100mm Macro, f/8, 1/80th sec and ISO 800.

17 Nov 2013

Mr. Red had a fantastic day today at the Yorkshire Trampoline Championships for whom I am was the official photographer. A totally hectic day for all involved and over 800 images of the competitors taken by myself throughout the event.

Well good old Mr. Red managed to win the “Best red ball to be thrown around the arena all day” and here he is trying the trophy out for size.


24 Nov 2013

Apologies for not being about for a week but I’ve been so busy. Further gymnastic events covered this weekend in a manic conveyor belt of image to PC through Photoshop to print and onto happy customers, and boy there were more happy customers than we could have ever imagined. Event photography is most certainly something that you can’t complete on your own if sales of prints on the day are to be an integral part of the business plan. We are using three people, Paul shooting plus Josh & Mum on the lap tops and printing duties. Things are getting slicker now with the flow of production. Small improvements such as pages of image thumb nails on the wall for parents and competitors to view before looking on the PC screens saving time.

Just a quick image taken at the end of the day of me balancing on the beam apparatus. Some excellent skills shown on here today along with a few falls but nothing serious. At least I managed not to roll off here myself.

A major plus point was Paul being booked for the next two weekends to cover similar events and also bookings for several major meets next year, in the Yorkshire area, owing to the popularity of the images and parents asking the organisers for our attendance.


4 Dec 2013

Out with Paul for the day today shooting solo artist Toby Jepson for his Uni’ photo essay. Had an excellent day meeting people and having a good look about the place too. This was taken on the mixing desk just before the gig started. Sadly an iPhone was used to capture this moment and so not the greatest quality but fun non the less.


7 Dec 2013

Here I am giving a little last minute advice to Paul’s daughter, Chloe, before a trampolining competition she is in tomorrow. Just discussing being streamlined whilst travelling through the air and how not to break wind in the process. Much fun 🙂


8 Dec 2013

Won myself another trophy today in the Single Bouncing Ball category at the Yorkshire Schools Trampolining Competition. A very busy day for my owner Paul and another mass of parents and competitors extremely happy with the images they bought. Here’s to next year and the several already pre booked Gymnastics events we will be attending as official photographers 🙂


9 Dec 2013

Well I certainly had an excellent day again capturing Toby Jepson at another on of his solo acoustic gigs. Paul also had the opportunity to shoot Toby with studio lighting for a nice portrait image too. Toby has been so complimentary about Paul’s images and has offered him further commissioned work next year. Here’s to meeting more rock and pop stars.

So just a quick one of myself sat on the studio light as Paul went to check the portrait images with Toby.

85mm, 1/80th, f/2.8 & ISO 6400


23 Dec 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone.


17th Feb 2014

A fun day out today visiting Scarborough & Bridlington. Whilst fun was had it was also disheartening to see all the damage caused by the recent storms to the harbour area of Scarborough. Literally 1000’s of new lobster pots stacked high with just as many broken ones stacked up along side them. Many of the sea front amusement arcades were undergoing storm damage refurbishment. The small fair next to the harbour looked like it had taken a real battering which was in the process of being dismantled.

Anyway one of me on the lobster pots.


And one showing how all the broken ones had been piled up at one end of the harbour. Many being fixed though the two chaps I approached who were fixing them declined to be pictured doing so.

I liked the shapes & textures all these piled up pots gave.


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