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The all new Stonedeaf Festival.

Edit – The Stonedeaf Festival is now currently known as the Stonedead Festival. After the success of the 2019 event someone claimed copyright on the Stonedeaf name etc.

Held at Newark Showground, this one day rock festival has emerged owing to the beliefs that all too many festivals have now become just corporate monsters. I’m inclined to agree that the good old one day, one stage festival worked well and indeed allowed you to enjoy everything on offer. Whereas some current festivals can have multiple stages, with multiple bands playing at once, the whole Stonedeaf ethos was one stage with one band playing. It’s horrible being at a festival and having to choose which band to miss, when stage times clash. To then find that the small tent, housing that chosen band band, is at capacity is even more demoralising not only to your brain but your wallet.

So this new one day, one stage festival kicks off with quite a statement by showcasing a band effectively chosen by the public. Any band can put their name forward for this opening slot, with just a few minimum requirements set by the organisers. From several rounds of online voting the final few bands are then scrutinised by the organisers and a winner is chosen.

The first band onstage and winners of the public vote were Newcastle rockers Fallen Mafia. Led by. almost powerful female vocalist, they certainly had the passion, musical skills and presence to win over the fledgling crowd. Not only did they win fans, via an excellent set, they also have the accolade of being the first ever band to play at Stonedeaf.

Although there for Chrome Molly, we had driven round to the stage and I grabbed a few images of the Fallen Mafia set, whilst the lads met up with the stage manager and others involved with the stage production.

Fallen Mafia are –

Hannah Neil – Vocals
Chris Johnson – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Stephen Hope – Guitar
Jack Martin – Bass
Adas Cowan – Drums

Find them here – Fallen Mafia






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