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Firstly I would like to state that all images on this blog are copyright to Cecil Paul Studio’s and we do not give any permission for any individual or company to copy, transfer, alter or amend any image in any known or unknown format without permission. Don’t be a digital thief and pay for the image if you like it that much!!

The above statement comes after one particular radio station robbed an image from here and used it for a promotion. Unbelievably another radio station then robbed that copy for their own radio promotion. The music industry complains about kids downloading songs for free and yet they are thieving when it suits them. Double standards at work which doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

So onto September –

Things kicked off for us on the first weekend with the third series of the National Trampoline & DMT League, held at Birmingham University. This was a superb venue and being almost new gave us possibly the best balanced lighting of any event this year so far. When you can have your speed with a nice low iso its almost xmas as a photographer and this place delivered in swathes of light.

The weekend as a whole was manic as expected with some 600+ competitors over the two days. We were constantly busy and without barely time to visit the loo for most of both days. The evening meal and a few cold ones, on the Saturday evening, to wash it all down makes things worthwhile though and helps us get a nice nights sleep.

We took some 8500 images in total and had our usual excellent response to the quality of our image and montage offerings over the weekend. Sadly the organisers hadn’t produced the promised event program and so, with no advert, all things regarding our gallery codes went out of the window which had a knock on effect to the subsequent online sales. You’d think they would learn from this, as we were not the only disappointed sponsor, yet you’ll see in Octobers roundup they never. Incompetence at the highest level.


One thing can always be said for the competitors though is they have a good laugh when there and will happily pose for images such as this one below.


Our equestrian coverage also continued with several dressage events over the month, one of which was our own business dedicated event. This was a lovely day not only with the quality of competition shown but we had our own branded rosettes. Manor Grange Stud had commissioned a whole series of garlands and rosettes with our name and logo on which was absolutely lovely to see.

The other equestrian events were, as usual, slick and with no messing about. Thankfully the weather held out and so there were no monsoon days where I end up hiding under the main building canopy to shoot from. Our business from these events continues to grow at a steady rate and thus I believe we will chose to continue providing coverage into 2018 and possibly beyond.

These galleries remain our only open event galleries and can be found here – Equestrian Galleries


Gymnastics also played a key part in September with two competition weekends hosted by Bridlington Gymnastics. This is proper grass roots stuff and we love it. No big arenas, no ego’s, just lots of enthusiastic kids and parents doing what they do. The competitors start around 4-5 years up to the seniors around the 16-17 age group. We are well looked after by the hosts and have a fantastic rapport with both the organisers, adults and kids alike. We are already booked for the 2018 events and look forward to them as its just a fun set of weekends.


Back in July this year I did a bit of work with the band Wayward Sons when I covered their first ever live gig down in Bristol. This had come about from my involvement with their promotional videos for the new album which can all be read about in an earlier post.

September saw them out supporting UFO on their 2017 UK Tour. One particular date, the 15th, was also the official release date for the album. Thinking it would be a good idea to capture that night I emailed Toby and he said thanks, yes, pop along and do your thing. The night was superb and in my personal opinion the Sons were head and shoulders above UFO in musical deliver and enthusiasm. The crowd were bouncing along to the music, which noticeably stopped once UFO had taken to the stage. The UFO set was slick and polished though I feel lacked a raw feel. I could honestly say that you could have listened to this on the radio as visually and engagement wise things were seriously lacking. To put it into context I was sat uploading and editing my images in the main hall area whilst they were on. Looked up a few times just to make sure things were still going when the music stopped.

On a working basis the Picturedome at Holmfirth is not actually too bad to work in. Yes it is compact though the fans are all stood on a sloping floor leading upend away from the stage. Tis allowed me to move up and down and simply shoot over the top of those in front of me. Non of the usual clamouring about to secure a gap between heads and phones which is nice. Setting were mediocre as though the lighting operator did give some light it wasn’t nearly as much as that given to the headline act. Thank the lord for full frame cameras and f2.8 lenses.

The night finished, I had a good chat with the band and then it was away home, still damp from sweating in the pit for a nice warm shower and bed.

The images from this event are behind a secured gallery and only for the band to see. Images from the gig will be released as and when they see fit which is sad in a way as I like to see my images out there in the wild. To stop any thieving radio stations or any other publications grabbing images of the band you’ll just have to put up with this montage again. Shame how people spoil things for others.


The month was topped off with a visit to City Of Leeds Trampolining & Gymnastics to undertake a specific shoot of gymnasts who had qualified for a host of national and international competitions. With all new leotards the head coach wanted a series of portrait images taking to help promote the club within the Yorkshire region.

The whole thing took around 4hrs to complete and with a happy head coach, general coaches, kids and parents I headed home.

That was not quite the end though regarding this as we are returning in January to film a whole series of short films about the club, their offerings and what kids can expect to be doing if they join the club. Really looking forward to that.

This image was a fun pic taken after all the kids had individually paraded in each of their leotards for their portrait to be taken. I know from my school photo experiences this isn’t fun so when the coach suggested a pic in the foam pit, we ended up with this.


I’ll try not to leave things too long before blogging our October exploits.


I’ve been meaning to get this all up to date recently, and indeed I will soon be doing so, though a recent event has prompted me here in advance.

We recently covered our third National Trampoline League & DMT finals at the Olympic Velodrome in London as the official photographers of the event. Now whilst this will be subject to my all encompassing end of year update, it was actually our journey down to London which causes me to write today.

We always stop somewhere for tea, a loo break and a coffee for the onward journey. It helps break up the long journeys to events and as any driver will tell you, that half hour rest can do you the world of good. Last Friday was no exception and whilst travelling down the A1 through Lincolnshire it was time to indeed stop for this break. A Burger King Restaurant along with a petrol station approached and after a quick consultation, with the kids, I pulled in and parked up. The Burger King was almost empty, which I like, so items are usually cooked to order and indeed that was what we were informed by the counter assistant. Mmm nice hot fresh food rather than the stuff thats been kept Luke warm in the heater display trays.

I saw the most luscious looking image of a Triple Cheese & Caramelised Onion Angus Burger on the display board, placed my order with the wife and went to the loo. Upon my return the family had all placed their orders and had sat down to wait. Imaging my excitement when the young counter assistant brought over our freshly cooked meals, oh was my mouth drooling. We almost yet not quite.

Indeed if my mush had of been drooling at the prospect of this lush looking burger on the display board it would have been sorely disappointed in what laid beneath the wrapper.

I think its time for an image, the image of disappointment, corporate greed, misleading advertising and the blatant rip off that these soulless fast food outlets have become….

Burger King

Now excuse me for being disappointed with what I unwrapped, but do the two images match? Of course they don’t and Burger King just don’t care either. I enquired as to my lacklustre looking offering against the most pristine of images on the display board and was assured that it was indeed what it was supposed to be. I think my look of disbelief prompted the comment “We cant replicate those images but your burger does contain what it should”. This is surely the biggest con going and they are getting away with it. If I ordered a new car with a luxurious leather & walnut interior I think I’d have recourse to complain if it came with some tatty old worn cloth seats from a bus in. Why should food be any different?

To be fair to the poor counter assistant it would appear that I wasn’t the first to complain about this limp excuse for a burger. I tweeted my disgust and some four days later no response from Burger King. I’ve placed it on Facebook and again no response. In an age where there are many offerings, of fast food outlets, it would appear that Burger Kings silence on the matter speaks volumes. Do they actually not care about customers like me who will never eat Burger King again. Heaven forbid I might order chips one day and receive wood shavings instead. Hey ho we have your money, just eat and drive on.

To rectify things we stopped at one of the many “OK Diners” restaurants along the A1 on our way home and enjoyed four sumptuous meals (kids had burgers) and drinks. I used to like Burger King for their bigger burgers, though after this experience I doubt we shall return any time soon.

Independents rule.

Where have I been?

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Well the last few months have been totally manic with work. Indeed I have just finished editing some 10,000 images from the weekend.

I will be updating the blog next week when I finally have some time …….