As with most gymnastics eventing and as per the previous two years of covering more regional and national events August was a relatively quiet month for us. Two weeks were spent on holiday with the two weeks either side allowing for some additional R&R.

We did cover a couple of events with a fun day at the Humber Bridge photographing the jet ski championship competitors preparing to travel down to the marina area where they were racing. Some of the warm up stunts we saw really opened peoples eyes to what level these guys are at in their sport. At high speed it would appear that simply keeping the thing attached to the water, for propulsion, along with speed and stability gives you the best chance of winning. The variable is wave intensity which can throw a serious spanner in the works for even the most experienced of riders. Thankfully the river was calm and so we saw some fun warm ups in our time down there.

A couple of summer weddings were also completed, one of which was our first same sex marriage. This was slightly damp though that never dampened the spirits of those involved and indeed an excellent day was had. Even a mishap with our rainbow brolly and the breeze simply caused waves of laughter throughout those there.

All in all August was as expected with just enough tick over work mingled with a nice rest abroad in the sun.

Below are a couple of images with one showing a selection of jet skiers just before a warm up and the second showing the unexpected moment that wind crashed the wedding party.


When the wind blows…….



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