Wedding Photography Prices (York)

Posted: May 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

I have always believed that you should charge customers what you believe is an honest price that reflects the quality of your work whilst returning a good solid net profit at the same time.

My lad now shoots with me at weddings so we openly offer this twin photographer option along with the white wall photo booth and party box too.

To date we have covered many regional weddings together from as low down as Spalding up to York and across to Scarborough. We had been asked to cost up a wedding in Cornwall this year but sadly it clashed with one of our National Event Weekends. What a nice weekend away that would have been.

In the last couple of months we have had further bookings come in from York. They have been recommendations from previous work, which is great, yet one couple intimated that our “low price” was also a key factor for the quality delivered.

Now let’s not beat about the bush here. We have not covered a wedding in York for less than £1000 with several having healthy increase on that figure too because of our time spent working and post event editing. I work out an hourly rate plus costs for both the business and ourselves. The fee is non negational and we don’t discount against alleged competitor prices which can sometimes be laughable. One recent alleged “competitor” was prepared to cover a 12+hr wedding day for the princely sum of £250 all in and yes they had a written quote for this too!!!!  I was not surprised, as too many part time togs will do this for almost free, though I did ask if they had seen any imagery. A quick comparison between his Facebook page (no official website) and my portfolio of prints won us the booking.

At the other end of the spectrum we have those who think that wedding photography is a cash cow for the ill informed or do I have this wrong. Again we have won a booking in York which commands a good 4 figure sum. When all was signed and agreed the mother of the bride announced her pleasure of the saving we had given them. I again explained why I thought our fee was honest and reasonable to be told that they had not had a quote under £3,000 for local photography coverage.

I was shown couple of business cards and subsequently did a few searches of the details given. There were indeed some lovely images shown on the mentioned websites but nothing that I would justify a charge of £3k+ for. Two of the sites clearly stated usage of the latest professional DSLR’s and associated equipment so not even Medium Format costs and quality to justify the prices.


Am I underpricing? I feel Not.

Am I overpricing? Definitely not.

Am I undervaluing myself and our product at times? Possibly.

Am I happy with the product and price I give? Yes

Should I review regional pricing by others? Yes



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