The last few weeks.

Posted: May 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

The last few weeks have been a complete hoot and extremely busy at times. Our event photography just goes from strength to strength with bookings up yet again, year on year, so hoping the revenues and net profit reflect this increase.

As a consequence of this upturn in event bookings we are already booked for several Club Xmas functions in Dec 2016. Our white wall and props box are certainly becoming a winner for these events.

First up was the Yorkshire Kingston League (event 1) which had some 250 competitors in total. The Fenland Fliers Open Meet followed that and with a credible 350+ competitors certainly kept us busy for the day. This again opened up new leads to club and regional events around the Uk with one confirmed booking so far. Finally we spent last weekend nice and local in Hull at the Hull Schools Trampolining Competition. A good turnout of kids though did not convert into expected takings for the day. A good 50% of the kids were simply dropped off whilst parents went off shopping etc who then returned to collect the child once they had finished competing. As a consequence we were inundated with emails over the weekend asking for the gallery code and our online sales have more than made up for the actual day sales.

I now have a very unusual couple of weeks free without any bookings whatsoever. Time to chill, get the grass cut, car washed and enjoy some family time away from work.



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