A quick portrait …..

Posted: April 18, 2016 in Uncategorized
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…… for Grandma.

Two young ladies wanting an up to date portrait for their Grandma popped in Sunday afternoon. It would appear that Grandma hasn’t got a nice up to date one so time to fix that issue.

A whopping one (yes one) image was taken. Got them to sit evenly, got them to smile and click it was in the bag. I asked if they would like some individual ones or just a few more of them together but they, and I had to agree, felt that that initial laugh/smile moment would be hard to recapture.

I won’t mention the modern fashions that our youth of today wear. I must be getting old 🙂

On the business front I have been thinking about promoting the studio imagery and indeed looked about for a suitable sized commercial building. Sadly the costs don’t justify the current returns so I’ll remain within the home studio for now. I would like to upgrade at some point to a bespoke commercial setup where I can work from and also display my work professionally too.



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