New product offering.

Posted: March 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

With our ever growing event business we have decided to offer a third event image option. We already had the single 12×8 and twin 12×8 image options but we have now introduced the triple 12×8 image option.

This new triple comes at an increased price, as the twin does over the single yet increases the profit % significantly. With the recent rise in print media and mounts the popularity of the twin image helps us maintain a working profit margin whilst maintaining our current prices.

We have had several requests for triple images over the last year or so but had an absolute barrage of requests at the recent National Schools Finals. The decision was made to create it and the PS actions are now sorted and stored.

The first outing for this triple image will be at the NTL 1 Qualifiers in Southampton this weekend. 750 competitors over 2 days should give us a good idea of how well it may sell.

This helps not only keep the customer happy but also my accountant.

Twin Image


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