A digital images ‘Worth’

Posted: March 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

This subject is something that I know rattles the cage of most professional photographers and indeed rattled mine today.

Amongst my daily plethora of emails I came across one asking for copies of digital images taken at a recent event. We actually offer the option to purchase digital copies of all images within a gallery to allow anyone to source their own subsequent product. This option is indeed very popular with parents as not only do they have the ability to indeed source cheap prints if they choose but also have a prefect copy to display via social media outlets such as Facebook & Twitter etc.

The author of this email today however seemed to be lost with a digital images ‘worth’ or indeed the cost of producing it. The email basically said; If I purchase on photo from you could you please send me the other nine (yes 9) digital images we captured of their child on the day for free.

FREE!!! are they joking? Nope it was decidedly serious.

I replied, politely, explaining the costs etc of our business only to receive a reply which intimated that a digital image costs nothing to produce so how can I justify charging for them. I was astounded and so the list of costs I returned to the customer seemed to do the trick though not exactly hammer the nail home.

Apparently you can get cameras for less than Ā£100 (Yes I know) which produce the exact same digital images according to the emails author (No they don’t) though she mentions nothing of personnel, equipment or how to store, edit, process, upload and maintain a gallery in this Ā£100 budget camera for cost free products.

The final email she sent compared me to Apple and the way they charge people. Apparently we should all offer discounts when we sell more than one product so if she buy’s two music albums the second should be discounted etc etc. If only that worked when we buy cars eh šŸ˜‰

Some people will just not absorb that digital content also costs money to produce and sell so I will sadly expect similar emails in the future.

As for comparing me to Apple I don’t think she really knows me that well. Wouldn’t mind being a few $’s behind them though šŸ™‚


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