Road Racing

Posted: March 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

Another new sport we have been commissioned to cover this year is road racing. Our first event was also weekend with some 140 cyclists involved in a 192km road race around the Yorkshire Wolds.

Nothing difficult about this other than sitting in the back of my van with a couple of telephoto lenses capturing the individuals and teams coming towards me down the road. Plenty of time to frame and capture though the time between some of the competitors was a bit boring.

Took the essential flask of coffee out with me plus some tunes on the iPod and had a rather nice couple of hours sat in the spring sunshine.

Several more events throughout the year around the local and regional area so potentially another avenue to follow for custom.

Response to the image gallery was phenomenal which was also good to see. These are in the open gallery section of our website as we need to get some event examples out in the open. We are building the gymnastics side of things to almost saturation point this year yet having to allow accredited coaches and organisers into several secure galleries to show our consistency in quality imagery capture. With over 250,000 images within secure galleries it’s nice to shoot something anyone visiting the site can see in an open gallery.

The gallery is here –



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