Posted: December 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

Another new one for me this weekend covering a swimming competition. Compared to the speed and directional changes I am used to with gymnastics this was an absolute breeze to cover.

Simply situate myself at the opposite end to the timekeepers and move around freely giving me access to any of the 6 lanes available. Excellent head on shots captured here. Capturing side imagery was a little more difficult with all the people in the way or just ignorant of my requirements and moaning at my positioning. The pool end won here.

The main difficulty was lack of light and capturing a suitable image. Lots of splashing about but capturing a sellable image is not so easy as people may think. Arms especially get in the way or just look as if they have been partly removed owing to water distortion. I found the key to simply be waiting for the competitors to breathe. The positioning of their arms varied, depending on stroke, but 90% looked fine.

Another sport covered and a nice tick in the box for me.



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