Last big weekend of 2015

Posted: December 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

Our manic run of weekends has finally come to an end. With something booked every weekend since July it has certainly been interesting and at times stressful. Editing 10’s of thousands of images week on week can get a little monotonous. Our attention to processing however certainly makes our product better than the apparent mass processing of our competitors.

From weddings to national finals in London’s Olympic Park we have certainly been around. Almost every event has produced further contacts and bookings which have already laid a solid base for the business through 2016. It’s also great to meet competitors from differing regions competing at regional events who we have seen before. Having parents compliment you personally, that we are the chosen photographers, because our images and product is superior to other event photographers is great to hear.

I’m sure we’ll also hear the same from guests at certain weddings next year also.

Image wise our hardware has certainly taken a battering this year. Our 5Diii’s have proved themselves as worthy workhorses with one now exceeding 80,000 clicks whilst the newer one, at 6 months old, is at a more respectable 30,000 clicks. Red3’s grip is tiring and feeling in need of a service so I may have all the major items serviced in the new year after the last of the 2015 Zonal finals have been completed.That small outlay may save us £’s in the long run.

Here’s to the Mkiv coming out or indeed, if viable, the 1Dx Mkii early enough in 2016 so I don’t have to buy another Mkiii to prop up a failing Mkiii.

As always I’ll finish with an image. This is from Sundays North West Schools Zonal Qualifiers and show’s a very happy young lady who had qualified in her age/category for the semi’s in Jan 2016.




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