Another week over.

Posted: November 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

With only a mere 3500 images last week from one competition and one christening things have been something of a breeze over the weekend. Everything edited for the competition within 12 hrs and the christening was edited and uploaded to the gallery wishing 4hrs of getting home. A very limited number of outdoor images owing to the weather so some very simple studio images to process.

Online sales continue to be strong from all recent events and also going back through the year. Many parents who attended the national finals event requested codes for the previous qualifiers that we had covered. These have been visited very healthily as people create year montages from the events they competed at.

It is great that we have been booked for the entire series next year as this will give potential customers an even bigger choice of images through the year to compile those year end montages.

This week we have a mother and toddler xmas shoot in Beverley on Saturday and then the NW Schools Gymnastics Qualifier in Wigan on Sunday. About 60 families for portraits on Saturday and then 450+ competitors on the Sunday should keep me busy for a few days afterwards.

One from the weekend gymnastics.


And a fun one from the christening shoot. They jumped in front of the camera at the end yet their youngest wouldn’t play ball. Great little lad and the family have booked in to return for a formal sitting family image after Xmas.



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