Catch up time

Posted: November 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

Well another manic weekend completed of which the Saturday became our most profitable single days trading of the year so far. As we have three  bigger events coming along this bodes well for the financial commitment we placed into the business at the start of the year.

Many people just don’t understand the cost of the equipment we use. I had a comment at the weekend that my camera must have cost a few hundred pounds. I smiled and stated the price was a tad higher and the gentleman responded with well it can’t be too much. Another gent at the desk commented that it would be some £3-4k I was holding to which the first gent nearly fainted when I confirmed.

Both my lad and I have gripped 5Diii’s with 70-200 f/2.8 zooms attached for the gymnastics with spare 24-70 f/2.8’s at hand for closer work. This means we are each holding roughly £4k of equipment at any time through an event. Add the laptops, screens, printers, tables, media, spare batteries, speed lights and additional photographic spares and this year cost us a huge chunk of last years profits.

The investment however has paid off as we are producing more imagery at events which in turn is generating more sales at the events and also via our online galleries.

We maintain a low selling price and profit margin but owing to the growth and event coverage we now undertake, everything is still worthwhile at a final profit level. We are cheaper than our rivals, produce better imagery and final finished product.

Saturday was the final Yorkshire Trampoline Championships Competition of the year and seriously hard work. Thankfully it was run well which allowed us to undertake our task relatively unhindered.

Pose of the day went to this young lady. A lot of the competitors now know us by name and have started pulling faces/poses whilst waiting to start their routines. This was one of them.

_MGL9831 copy


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