With all my editing up to date, all clients in receipt of their products and galleries available to view I had nothing to do this week. Thus with the shopping complete and the house tidied I ventured into the studio to try something new.

The something new was high speed photography with water and balloons. My plan was to complete this without any technical aid such as a ‘Triggertrap’ device or similar.

The shoot was completed using cheap balloons from the local supermarket, a single Canon 600ex-rt and a 5Diii on a tripod. The balloons were hung, via string, from the hooks used with adult shoots against a black background.

I had tried this with a Bowens 750pro at minimum power so allegedly flashing at 1/2300th Sec. Whilst it worked to a certain degree I preferred the finish from the speed light firing at an alleged setting of 1/2500th sec. Without getting too technical about light speed being more important than shutter speed etc this is something I will work on further when I next have a free week to mess about.

The balloon was popped via a sewing pin sellotaped to a BBQ skewer. This negated any removal of an intrusional hand holding the pin.

The hit rate was roughly 1 in 2 or 50% in capturing a ‘good’ image of the balloon bursting. Some were missed completely, in that fraction of a second, whilst some were almost devoid of water owing to late capture.

Two images from the shoot are below. This first is from a round balloon that can bee seen with the shape of the water whilst the sausage shaped balloons left water almost looking like a bottle made of water which was quite fun. This can be seen in the second image.

One good tip is lining the floor of the studio and having a good sturdy mop to hand.


Image 2

Balloon 2


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