Wedding Fun

Posted: October 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

Completed a couple of weddings over the weekend along with another BGA Gymnastics event on Sunday. Whilst it was another busy weekend for us it was also great fun at times with great brides and grooms along with fun families making great days for us to capture.

Our first wedding of the weekend, on Friday, was especially fun. The bride and groom were simply the most laid back and quite maddest couple I have ever met. Totally went against the grain with several items I would usually cover with the “Nah we’re not fussed about that” etc etc. I had to explain, around mid afternoon, that my image count was possibly the lowest ever for a wedding only to get the reply “Don’t worry just get what you can”. The entire day finished with me capturing less than 500 images which indeed turned out to be my lowest shutter count for a wedding to date. Met them this morning, before they left for honeymoon, for a quick edit of imagery and they were absolutely overjoyed with what I had captured. As expected I’m compiling an album of almost entirely funny images from the day. A few serious ones are included yet 90% are all funnies, including one of myself taken by a guest !!!!  This image was donated to them after it found its way onto Facebook so I have a jpeg that’s not even mine. What a mad pair they are.

The rest of the weekend went as expected and as always managed to drum up further work for 2016. It would seem that our approach to capturing images is well liked and long may that continue.

So the image, that someone else took, is below and shows me photobombing the bride. We had just come inside from doing a group photo and she was being cheeky, as my ladders had begun sinking into the sodden wet lawn of the venue causing much hilarity. TBH the lawn was almost like a bog with all the ladies wearing heels simply sinking too.

Got to love a bride with a sense of humour.

Image © P.Oliver



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