The Vulcan XH558

Posted: October 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

This majestic beast from, the cold war era, flew over the BAE Systems works unit and runway this last weekend as part of its final flying displays.

Whilst it completed a complete 360 tour of the village at a speed where it looked as though it may just drop out of the sky, the awesome raw of its four Rolls Royce engines reminded you of the sheer power working away to keep it up there.

I got plenty of images as we, and 100’s of others, were located at the edge of the runway. The images however do not convey the palpable excitement of the aircraft enthusiasts around us nor the roar of the engines.

The image I will post does however have a somewhat symbiont connection between the aircraft and the dead tree. Both relics of a past and seemingly taken away by the need for modernisation and succession. The tree was killed so as not to encroach upon the railway lines next to it.

A bit of info on the Vulcan –

IntroducedJuly 20, 1956
RetiredMarch 1984
Wingspan30 m
Length30 m
Range4,171 km
Engine typeRolls-Royce Olympus
First flightAugust 30, 1952
And the Tree –
Height – 20ft
Age – Very old.
Status – dead.
_MGL4601 WP

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