Skin Cancer ……….. Shizzle & Crap

Posted: September 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Some things can really bring things and life into perspective and cancer is certainly one of those things.

I have had an irritable freckle/lump for the last year or so and earlier this year it began spot bleeding. I attempted to have it seen at some specific clinics, being run by a doctors in Beverley, yet sadly they were either fully booked or I was unable to attend because of work or unbelievably, on one occasion, getting the word day …… Doh !!

Two weeks before we went on Holiday I decided to ask my Doc’s for an appointment, expecting the usual several week wait etc for non important issues. To my surprise I was given an appointment for the Wednesday where the doctor took one look and instantly referred me to hospital. That referral came through a few days later and was for the Thursday before we went on Holiday. At the appointment the consultant decided he wanted to remove the mole that same day as he did’t like it whatsoever. Explaining I was on holiday from the weekend he agreed to delay the operation until my return. Upon my return the letter was awaiting with appointment for the following day which was a good job I wasn’t busy.

An alleged 20 minute operation took 1hr 45min and a great deal of digging about. What I simply saw as a funny looking mole was indeed a brute of a growth under the skin which was not too nice at all.

I had opted for a local anaesthetic, even though the operation was on my temple and allegedly painful, as being a nosey bugger wanted to hear what was being said through the operation. My time spent in the NHS gave me the insight that 99% of surgeons can’t keep their moths shut on the good or bad outcome of an operation to their team and I wanted to know the truth and not some flanneled corporate bullshit leaving me in the dark whilst the lump was tested.

Whilst big, nasty looking & a brute to get out the surgeon made the comment that he was 100% sure he had it all out and that he was 75% sure it was non cancerous. Whilst that 75% isn’t an overly fabulous percentage, 99% being better, I left the operating room feeling farmer confident than when I had entered.

The wound was so deep that I had internal stitching along with the 12 external sutures on the outside. That gave me a wonderful dull headache for a week which paracetamol helped with but didn’t cure. Nothing stronger was used as we worked the full weekend only days after the op.

10 days later, the stitches were out and I was left with a scabby wound. Just awaiting histology results now to either crack open the champagne or evaluate life going forward. It’s times like this though when the level of love I have for my wife and family comes into clear focus. I know that without them I would be a shell and, whilst I’m not afraid of dying, I would hate for them to be left without me at such young ages. My wife is my rock and best friend whom I love dearly as I do both my children. We are a very independent family, unreliable on others, self sufficient and a great bunch of human beings. I do tell them I love them yet right now, as I type, I could drive to Leeds (my wife’s at a meeting) just for a hug because this limbo for results is shit and that hug makes things better and reminds me of why life is good for me. My kids are totally unaware of the situation and I wish it to remain that way unless something negative becomes apparent. Thankfully being close, as we are, my lad will still hug me even though he’s 17 and my daughter enjoys a cuddle whilst watching Tv in an evening.

I took this following image as I walked out of the hospital. My head was stinging like a bugger, my left eye wouldn’t focus, my face felt like there was a balloon inserted & all I wanted to do was vomit. Thankfully I wasn’t sick and after waiting for my lift, sat on a nice bench in the sun, I felt much better with the fresh air. It was also strange just how happy I felt, once settled, that this potentially life changing blob had been removed.



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