Posted: September 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Yes we gave ourselves a nice 2 week break this year to escape all things ‘everyday’.

Having a new business on the up this was something we had to book and then stick to in keeping the 2 weeks free from bookings. Even up to the week before I had been contacted regarding a late booking, for a wedding in York. Quite unbelievably the young lady who called me was somewhat upset that I was away on holiday in what she referred to as the peak wedding season. I was slightly inclined to reinforce the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ as the cheap friend of a friend, booked photographer, had amazingly double booked her and only realised 2 weeks before. Quite interestingly my recommendation came from a parent within the gymnastics circuit I cover.

The holiday was a total success on the refreshment front and also my wife taking her time to make a decision on her future. Offered a role within the UK’s biggest supermarket chain she is moving in less than 7 weeks now. She needed a fresh challenge  so I hope this delivers all that was promised within the headhunted information etc.

Many images taken whilst we were out there in Majorca yet I’ll post this one taken on the plane flying home.

The sun setting on not only another day but and excellent 2 weeks away and of course that lovely endless view.

FullSizeRender copy


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