Another mad few weeks.

Posted: July 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

It’s all been go here again over the last few weeks but I’d be lying if I said it hadn’t been fun. I knew this year was going to be busier simply from initial bookings yet things have simply expanded beyond expectations.

I had originally expected things, business wise, to progressively grow over the next 3 years. At the current rate I will be saturated with weekend work by next year. I only have 4 weekends free between now and Xmas !!!

We now have contacts for national school and national open league trampolining along with regional gymnastics competitions. This takes up a massive amount of full weekends throughout the year. Add that to the ongoing weddings, portraits and other incidental work that keeps coming in and we have a busy year and subsequent years ahead.

Also had a few proms in the last few weeks which were an absolute hoot. 99% of the kids are angels and a credit to their parents but sadly there’s also the 1% who think they can do what they like. That’s not only behavioural either as some peoples dress sense is somewhat open for debate and the speed that some think drinking alcohol is cool. Each to their own though and these are things we have to expect when dealing with some 60+ kids. One thing is certain though in that I don’t envisage me becoming a teacher anytime soon.

I also finished a current bump 2 baby shoot this week which has been fun. Baby expected in the next few days so the prep for the newborn shoot is already underway. Another fabulous set of images, taken over the last several months, showing how the mum to be blossomed though.

Another first, for me, was covering a dance competition a couple of weeks ago. Whilst the lighting, or lack of it, made things difficult the event went rather well. Watching the poor coordinator try to keep things on time along with kids in the right place at the right time was funny at times. A bit like the proms were some kids just don’t or won’t listen and just do what they want which helps nobody involved. My main issue was the LED lighting used which was either purple or yellow. Add this to makeup and some of the facial images looked as though the poor kids has some rare tropical disease.

All in all another excellent month which I think is suitably summed up in the image below. Many parents are now asking for simple portrait images to compliment the competition images taken for use in our montage options. Winners often have a portrait with their medals or trophies but more are asking for a posed ‘move’ or casual pose. The young lady below was only 4 years old, I believe won nothing, yet still had this wonderful smile all day. A real cheeky little monkey.



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