What a week !!!!

Posted: June 29, 2015 in Uncategorized
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The last seven days has been something of a rollercoaster within Cecil Paul Studio’s.

Firstly we finally took delivery of our new battle bus a Mercedes Vito now named ‘Molly’. This has been purchased owing to the fact that we needed to use 2 cars for every event we now cover. The sheer volume of equipment meant both cars were stuffed to the gills with passengers holding equipment. With the new van everything now fits easily into the rear leaving us all to have an un-encroached seat. This also allows us to now purchase additional tables, mounts and TV Monitors for our display area at events.

The van itself is a crew van, 5 seats, and the ‘Long’ version, allowing us to easily drop in the 3m rolls we use for backdrops. It will be getting the corporate vinyl stickers on soon to make use of advertising space.


Last Friday saw a first for me doing video with a green screen. This was regarding a medical incident which took place where my wife works. The company who manufacture the medication used wanted some interviews, with those concerned, against a green screen. I was asked if I would undertake the studio side of things and I agreed.

A fantastic day with several people up from London and some good footage captured. This opportunity also gave me a massive insight into what studio rates are in London, simply extortionate.

Everything was captured on a tripod mounted 5Diii. This is not as simple as things seem. Lighting is a nightmare and even with five 250w modelling lamps the camera struggled for light. Just about adequate for interviewing one on one but not much else.

The client and his promotions company left very pleased with the results so I’m looking forward to the end result. From just over an hour of interviews there will be a 2 to 3 minute video produced.

My wife being interviewed –


Some of the visitors –


Finally we had another National Trampoline League Qualifier over the weekend. Two days as always this is something not for the faint hearted photographer. I took a total of 3850 images of which 3842 made it to gallery for potential sale.

Two days, of 9 hours straight, stood on a gantry holding 4+Kg of camera and lens certainly takes its toll on your arms and back. Today has been one of rest and stretches to bring my spine back to life.

Thankfully the event was local so no big drives either side of the event or staying at Travel Lodge etc.

A fantastic weekend both personally and financially and we are now looking forward to the next one in Wales.

The arena just after the doors opened –


This weekend we have a Kingston League Qualifier to cover so more gymnastics fun to be had.


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