Editing on Fathers Day

Posted: June 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

The things we do for our customers eh !!!

Everything from yesterdays Ruby Wedding Celebration is now processed and into a gallery for the customer to view and purchase. Only 120 images but needing to strike whilst the iron is hot as they say means processing on a Monday might just be too late for some to bother looking and potentially purchasing images.

Everything was taken outdoors in a most beautiful garden which also allowed for a lovely family group photo with several generations of the family involved.

This first image actually shows me working. I decided, knowing the group images would be large, to light everything with a couple of studio flashes. Simple to balance the daylight to, using a meter, they add that little bit more ‘pop’ to an image. I genuinely think a single speed light would have been insufficient in the circumstances as when the sun did come out there were some harsh shadows to be had without the fill light.

Charlotte Me

And this subsequent image shows the fun image, after we captured a suitably quality formal version.

_MGL9435 web

A few days rest now until next weekends two day gymnastics event. With 550+ competitors entered its going to be a seriously busy weekend again.

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