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Posted: June 19, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Adapting to your customers needs and changing attitudes to products is something we need to be up to speed with. The traditional wedding album of images is almost obsolete with most couples. All of my weddings this year have simply asked for a USB with the days images on. Now whilst they are not fussed about the USB they receive, my own personal values felt that it was just not sufficient enough for a cheap plastic USB to be handed over.

With this in mind I conducted some research, earlier in the year, and decided upon offering a bespoke USB unit packaged in a suitable outer. These USB/box combo’s come in a variety of styles and colours including Oak, Ash, Blue, Pink and Ivory. A variety of box fill options is also available. This one is filled with recycled medium. Reasonably priced, though not cheap, they are a lovely way for any discerning customer to keep their images within.

I am now including these options, as standard, with all full priced wedding packages and as an option with family portraits, christenings, Bump-2-Baby and discounted weddings etc.

The first order of these new options arrived today for last weekends wedding and I’m most impressed. The lid is Beautifully engraved, as is the USB too. The overall quality is top notch and justifies the slight premium on other options I had considered.

With a couple of current Bump 2 Babies on the go I’m hoping to have a pink or blue, soft-shell, version too see soon.

USB Package

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