Quick catch up.

Posted: June 16, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Last Friday was the final hand in of my 3 years at HSAD, or it could have been Monday but hey ho the dates issued were a shambles again, I’d completed it all anyway so in it went on the Friday. Happy with my submission as I was not prepared to simply submit an online or images via USB version. I’ve always loved the physical image and this indeed gave me the opportunity to create a fully working portfolio for potential customers to view. I just hope the portfolio box comes back undamaged as they appear to be unceremoniously stored in a small room after being marked whilst awaiting for students to collect.

Sadly there has been no rest as I had wedding on Saturday. Down in Spalding the weather was atrocious for the whole day. Thankfully I always take some studio lighting with me that ensured all the formal images were professionally captured indoors. The venue, The Woodlands Hotel, were superb in allocating me a room to set up in and conduct the process. Amazingly the weather broke around 6pm, for a whole 20 minutes, which gave us just enough time to grab the brides bouquet being thrown. We also managed a few formals, before the drizzle started again, and managed to cover the main formals with the bride, groom and parents before the constant downpour returned.

The evening work was easy enough, being indoors, and I left after the first dance with many positive compliments about how we had overcome the weather. Whilst you don’t say it to the customer, my belief is that any professional photographer should be able to adapt and overcome all but the worst scenario involving the weather.

So back to the editing now as I’m working this weekend, two days next week and the following weekend so need to get the online galleries up to date.

One of my favourite images from the wedding follows below.  We actually took this in very light rain and I thought my fill flash might show it yet thankfully it hasn’t.


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