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Blog neglect…..Ooops

Posted: April 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

Apologies to all those who follow my little photographic escapades. Over the last few weeks I have been rather busy with a multitude of work based commissions along with attempting to finalise and complete my FMP project for Uni.

Work wise I have covered several regional gymnastics competitions and completed a few family portraits. The gymnastics alone gave me over 7000 images to process and upload to the website galleries. Mixed with this, as I just mentioned, I have been finalising images or shoots to complete my University Final Major Project.

The Uni project is well under way and some images are completed. I will, as always, over produce the quantity required and then select my favourite images, or those which I feel meet the sometimes odd criteria for marking purposes.

I am completing my FMP on specialist portraiture. I have indicated to any potential model(s) that the image must be different to anything they have yet seen as a portrait. No high/low key stuff or just coloured lighting etc…….I want difference !!!

The oddest so far was painting someone, head to toe, in silver paint. This shoot produced an awesome set of final images and the model has also bought her copy of one image.

Other upcoming shoots involve white dreadlocks and an office chair in a field. I leave you to think about those shoots 😉

This week the studio is being turned into Narnia or at least a dreamscape set. A young lady, whom I know very well, always seems to be reading books. I asked her if there was anything I could do in the form of a portrait and we came up with the Narnia concept. Bespoke backdrop, foam flooring, smoke machine, victorian outdoor lamp, light bushes and fake snow all make up what I hope will make a stunning image for her.

No sports or bookings this weekend would normally mean I can finally get things up to date. I have however just agreed a contract with a London based pharmaceutical company which will keep me busy until mid May. I’m not disclosing anything here, for obvious business reasons, other than we up north can claim contracts if you have the right images to sway the vendor.

Hope you all had an excellent Easter and I’ll be back to regular updates again.