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Managed to source some rather excellent HMV Priority Access tickets to a promotional acoustic set, by the band Thunder, for their new album ‘Wonder Days’ yesterday. Held at the HMV store in Oxford St. London this was one of the birthday presents I had arranged for my wife.

She has been a Thunder fan for many, many years and I recalled meeting Thunder, at HMV Doncaster some 18 years ago as they promoted their current album of the time. My wife had that album, signed and I thought let’s do it again. Whilst we have seen them live on a dozen or so occasions this intimate, 125 people, acoustic set would be something new for both of us.

Drove down in the car and what an experience that was. People unable to negotiate a simple 3 lane motorway, unable to understand road works, unable to see further than the front of their bonnet, people on phones, one with an iPad attached to his windscreen (with a movie on), another numpty driving into a set of cones after everyone behind, including me, had slowed seeing it about to happen. The car simply drove through/over the cones, back into the correct lane and continued…..utterly shocking.

London was as I recalled it from my younger days as simply a manic place with nobody having time for anyone else. Utter chaos between traffic and pedestrians and then the beggars on every street corner asking for change. We had parked on Edgware Road which left us just a short walk to Oxford St. and that was quite enough for us Northern folk 😉

HMV Oxford St is quite a place with a selection of everything that simply puts our local store to shame. Flagship stores are often like this, I recall the Virgin Megastores and then their lowly standard outlets of the 80’s. The room for the set was well set out and as pure points users, my wife and I, bypassed the queues with my wife then plonking herself front and centre at the stage.

The band were superb and rocked through a 35 minute set with a selection of old and new songs which had everyone singing along were we could. Some audience participation, a few jokes, thank you’s and it was onto the signing. My wife duly had her copy of the CD signed by the band, photo’s taken with their photographer and the HMV Pure representative. The latter turned up on the HMV twitter feed much to her amusement but we are yet to find the others.

The Setlist –

1. Backstreet Symphony

2. Black Water

3. Broken

4. River of Pain

5. Resurrection Day

6. Low Life in High Places

7. Stand Up

I managed to record the set, via my iPhone, so we alternated between the new CD and Acoustic set all the way home. Back for 2300hrs having seen far less lunacy than driving down though one muppet driving through the roadworks like batman attending a call was simply outrageous and dangerous to all other road users at the time. 50mph speed limit, with cameras and yet this loon was doing at least double that in a vehicle that didn’t look too roadworthy.

Mocked up a cover for my iTunes copy of the acoustic set and no doubt the recording will be played relentlessly, by the wife, over the next few months. Images are from her iPhone so not too fantastic but gives the impression of the old bootleg tapes we all craved for as teenagers all those years ago. We are again seeing Thunder support ZZ Top in the summer so should keep her going until then 😉

Thunder Acoustic

Hardly Hair Magazine yet……

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Whilst the vast majority of my work only sees the light of day on walls within customers properties it is nice when something crops up being used in an alternative manner.

Following on from some work I did for a local hairdresser, well over a year ago, I saw them using one of my images as their Facebook image today. Hardly the cover of a magazine but still nice to see it being used. The shoot was certainly a fun one with several models having some seriously creative hairstyling completed.

I have popped the original image next to the post photoshop version which shows just how little manipulation was completed in creating the final image. I could never get to grips with why the client wished for the models mouth to be subtly altered but what the customer wants etc etc.