Nearly Done

Posted: December 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Bookings wise my year is nearly over with. Another weekend of gymnastics competitions over with leaves me with my last wedding of the year and a few family portraits this coming weekend. I have had a last minute enquiry about completing a final specialist shoot before Xmas but I have stated, to the client, this must be completed by the 20th Dec or wait until the new year.

This then leaves me free to concentrate on my University dissertation. Oh the joys of being free from work.

The gymnastics were team competition invitationals over four pieces of equipment. As always this was a joy to shoot owing to the intensity and concentration on the competitors faces when competing. My daughter is exactly the same when she competes and, like a lot of the judges, I find myself sympathising with those who may fall off or fall over when executing their routine.

One thing I found out on Saturday night is that there is a massive difference between ADSL and Fibre broadband. We currently have ADSL with Karoo and my upload speeds are so poor it can take up to 16 hours, yes 16 hours, to upload a 5gb or 1000 image gallery. After Saturdays event we had been invited to a friends house for a pre xmas drink. These friends have the new Karoo Lightstream fibre broadband and I asked if I could at least start the days gallery upload from their property to which they had no problem. I soon found out why. I clicked start upload and the files were simply flying off the laptop to my website which after nearly an hour had uploaded all 802 images. This would normally take me all day and in most cases some of the evening too which made this all seem like voodoo compared to ADSL. Karoo have just installed the new fibre, to our area, which basically gives me no option to upgrade and pay the additional, extortionate, monthly fee which will allow me to have my images uploaded ready for viewing and purchase by customers.

So our friends had an in excess of 6mbps upload speed on Saturday evening whilst even on a Monday morning when most people are out I can only grasp at a measly 0.86mbps. On a weekend I have suffered low speeds of 0.07mbps which Karoo blame on the amount of customers using the service. More like throttling in a deliberate attempt to sway our purchasing of the new super fibre rollout !!!


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