Well what a week, or long weekend, that was. A small intimate wedding on Friday, the Yorkshire Schools Gymnastics Regionals on Saturday, the Hull & East Riding Gymnastics Festival on Sunday and finally a rather grand wedding affair at Hazelwood Castle on Monday. Currently sat with nearly 4000 images, of which all the gymnastics are processed and within specific galleries. The uptake on the galleries has been brisk with continued, solid, after event sales. Fridays wedding has 500 images with Mondays a more typical 1200 so time to get on with Fridays and then Mondays. Luckily all couples are going away so I have a good 2 weeks for getting things processed, packaged and out to them. Once all that is done I can get on with my Uni work, which is just being shunted aside, as when I do have some time to myself the thought of researching, note taking and then compiling coherent credible writing simply doesn’t appeal. Thankfully I have completed one module, have another well under way with just the 3rd to kick off and get started. Another weekend of gymnastics followed by a wedding on the 13th doesn’t help things though. As always here are a couple of images from the weekend. The first is a group shot of those, minus the really young ones, taking part in Sundays Gymnastics Festival. A fantastic set of displays by clubs from about the region which was a delight to photograph. FF-Web

The second is from the wedding at Hazelwood Castle where the wedding party had booked a fireworks display. £500 for 5 minutes may seem a lot yet I have to say the display was superbly done.

Kath-web Here’s to a week of editing 🙂

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