Random Youtube film comes good.

Posted: November 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

This all began a few years ago when we had suffered the worst winter in many years. Having popped out for the obligatory walk about and snowball fight, on the way back, my kids decided to do snow angels on our front lawn.

Being a snap happy Dad I had taken a picture, but then oddly, decided to film the moment with my point & shoot camera. Having had a good laugh I posted it onto Youtube for grandparents and other family members to watch and laugh at. As usual the clip was forgotten about not long after.

Forward to June 2014 and I get a random email from a production company in America, ’24&sunny’, asking if I would allow my clip to be used in any potential advert. I replied it was no problem and again this was forgotten about. 3 weeks ago I had documents emailed for the video usage within a corporate advert. Ooh I thought this is fun so began some research on the company which all came back legitimate. I completed the documents, returned them and then today I get an email giving me a link to a Starbucks 2014 holiday season advert containing 2 seconds of my clip. It also confirmed the agreed amount for licensing the film had been paid to my account, which it has. Good times and Xmas is paid for.

Moral of the blog is never dismiss anything as a potential money maker. Might bung this out to You’ve been framed now 😉

The original clip taken by myself –

And the Starbucks Ad. Blink and you miss my kids in the first 2 seconds.


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