New event product.

Posted: November 6, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Owing to the unprecedented demand of our 5 image montage available, post event, via my website I have decided to offer a new twin image at events.

Sales of the single 12×8 image, in slip case, have remained excellent though with the introduction and uptake on the 5 image montage I felt a second offering would keep things fresh. The event prints are popular with those wanting to personalise the text when they have placed on the podium in either individual or team events. My thinking was that they could now either have two active images on the duo image or one of the activity followed by one with their medal or trophy. One of the first we did had the second image with competitor and parents.

There is a price premium added, for the cost of production, though we still remain cheaper than our main competitor by some margin. As with the 12×8 images the text is changeable for full personalisation by the purchaser. The image is created in three stages within Photoshop consisting of five layers.

Simple additions by us giving our customers an expanded choice of products.

The new product…



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