Back in the saddle.

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

Nearly two weeks off for the first time since May, including one full weekend of no work, it was time to get back in the saddle and find the 5D’s on/off switches again.

Completed the second of the two day national events we had been booked for, this time at Liverpool. A superb two days with some exceptional displays from the competitors. Sadly there was one major crash-out with the injured young lady requiring a multi person lift from the bed and away to the waiting ambulance.

On a business front we were busy from arrival with parents who had not been to the Perth competition looking to view and purchase images. I had a feeling this might happen so we had brought the entire Perth event images ready for such viewings. Post event sales of Liverpool, via the website, have also been strong from those parents not travelling or able to travel.

It was frequently commented upon that it was nice to see the same photography company attending the event. It’s fine using a UK franchise company, as previously, but no two photographers attend consecutive events owing to location and geographical business boundaries. This is something that does not affect us and our consistency in delivery, and although brief, was welcomed by parents, competitors and even several of the judges. Seems we are well liked as a company with our professional approach and delivery impressing everyone.

Along with the positive comments came a request to cover the North West Schools Trampoline/DMT competition, via the organiser, at the end of November. Sadly, for both parties, we are already booked to cover the Yorkshire Schools competition on the same weekend. This has however prompted certain individuals to start confirming dates for next year in fear of losing our respected coverage of their events. First come first served and we have already been turning down business as we have a healthy pre booked set of business for 2015. It seems strange that from having a reasonable 2014 in our first proper year of trading that 2015 is filling at a great rate and beyond my Year 2 business plan expectations.

On a technical front I added another 2000+ clicks to the Mkiii and so, with well over 50,000 clicks, I need to add another quality body to the inventory. Which body is proving the issue. Should I win the full 2015 calendar then a 1Dx would be a clear choice, however a second 5Diii would cope with a part season plus all the weddings already pencilled into the calendar. The printer also took a battering and we have also muted the possibility of purchasing a second unit there too. Time to wait for contact confirmation. The potential addition of regular equestrian work may just push the 1Dx to the front though.

Lighting was good with average iso’s in the 5000 range using more than adequate shutter speeds which was nice.

A nice 200mm f/2 telephoto……..not quite yet 😉

A couple of images to finish the post, as usual, from the event. Both are iPhone images, taken by my lad, showing the arena and beds. Eight beds with four judging panels kept me busy, yet certainly nothing which I couldn’t and didn’t cover confidently, providing quality images of all competitors. What these do show is some classic marketing strategy. Our main floor banner not 15ft from the main doors to the arena so everyone who walked in saw we were there and what we offered.



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