Indifferent Weekend

Posted: October 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Firstly both the kids were ill, Josh with S&D and Chloe with a fever so Saturday was one of consoling cuddles and some seriously lame television whilst they dozed. 100’s of channels showing some seriously unappealing viewable content which is just typical when you have, what was an effectively, free day. Chloe had attempted training in the morning but had withdrawn after only 20 minutes looking like a ghost and sweating profusely. You really know when your kids are ill when the enticement of chocolate fails to muster a response.

Sunday brought an improvement with Josh yet Chloe was still running a temperature. Today was an initial round of the Kingston League Gymnastics competition in which Chloe was entered and I was covering as official photographer. With Chloe dosed up we arrived nice and early to set up. I like to have everything tested, erected and the television screen showing examples of our work as competitors and parents arrive to the venue. I have also found that arriving early allows us to grab prime space within a venue before all the bric’a’brac, raffle and clothing sales people all turn up. Maximum footfall and eye contact is what we need at these events and the simple act of being a half hour early ensures this.

As a local event there were only just over 120 competitors yet with large junior groups we have a good opportunity for first time sales. Many parents, like ourselves, are fiercely proud of our children and their achievements so the opportunity to have an excellent quality image as a keepsake. It is true that after several events the collection is only added to when something, like a podium, has been achieved. It is great to see the parents, and kids, smiles as they receive their chosen image which may be the first ever event entered or first podium etc. It does sadden us though when children have seen themselves on our big screen yet the parents refuse point blank to purchase an image. Sadness, not just at a business level but with the glum face of the children as they are walked away. That show & tell image for school or the entire family, friends and anyone else who will look and discuss opportunity and of course the memory, all lost in an instant.

A constant healthy queue of parents and competitors ensured business was brisk. We know we are cheaper than other competitors yet our volume sales make up for that. It’s rather like the supermarkets in that some will sell 10 tins of beans at an inflated price whilst some sell more, but cheaper, for the same % profit margin to be made. My philosophy is to get our name out there and expand our customer base being competitive. Being exclusive may appeal to some but I love being busy.

Anyway, here’s one of the arena after we had set up and I was testing out the custom white balance of my camera. Even though the arena has a new sponsor, Airco, nothing has been done about the amount of blown lighting. Embarrassing levels of light which not only spoils the spectacle but shoves my iso at 1/500th and f/2.8 through the roof, metaphorically speaking.

Calm before the storm.



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