Off to Perth we go.

Posted: October 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

Just before anyone gets too excited it’s Perth in Scotland we are going to. Beautiful countryside and scenery and no time to shoot any of it though which is a real shame. We are up there as official photographers for the National UK Clubs Trampoline & DMT League. A first for us covering an event in Scotland, though as we are now actively pushing our ability to cover any UK event I hope it’s the first of many more. A full weekend programme of gymnastics with some 400 competitors over the two days will hopefully keep us busy. Competition events are from 9-5 Sat & 9-4 Sun with us having access to set up from 7.30am both days means no time for recreational shooting.

One thing I will be keeping an eye on is the shutter count on my 5Diii. Two days of constant shooting with 4 beds and a DMT to cover adds a serious image count. The last 4 bed competition I covered a total of 1600 images were taken. I’ve just cruised through 50,000 clicks at my last event and with another 8 gymnastics events and 3 weddings booked, between this event and Xmas, this 12 month old body may need a worthy companion soon. Whilst Canon list the 5Diii shutter with a typical 150,000 click life this will soon be exceeded at my current work rate and advanced bookings for next year. The question is another 5Diii or a 1Dx?

Financially this event is unimportant, as it’s being used as a platform to show what we can do in image quality and delivery. I know my images are superior to certain other photographic providers, currently on the circuit, and I hope that our lower prices for the images make people see what an excellent choice we are in covering their events. I do however expect to make a reasonable profit after overheads and incidental costs are taken into account.

Here is a screen shot of the sponsors and businesses. I’m not 100% happy with the banner I recently submitted for the programme and website and uploaded our main image which is now being used on their webpage. I had thought that something a little more bespoke to the event would be better however, now it’s there, I don’t like it which will teach me to tinker. Our main logo is much simpler and with a better impact to any page it will be the logo of choice from now on.

The image supplied for the programme is below. There is also a write up about us and services offered within the booklet.


My preferred image for future events will be.

CSP Logo Mobiles

I’ll pop a review and maybe some images on here next week 🙂


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