A little commercial work with nice rewards.

Posted: September 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

Completed a small shoot for the NHS North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group, a month or so back, from which two images have been used in issue one of their quarterly magazine. The NHS North Lincolnshire (CCG) officially took over responsibility for purchasing and commissioning such services as hospital care, mental health care services, district nursing, rapid response and emergency care in April 2014 for the 167,000 NE Lincs residents. Another reshuffle of NHS resources, run on a shoestring, and tasked with informing the public about the services available. This quarterly magazine, A4 in size, is distributed to all GP’s Practices and other associated NHS service outlets which made my decision to shoot the required images oh so very easy. Along with my extremely discounted fee I asked for an appropriate credit to my images. This free advertising across the county this has already reaped rewards in the first 20 days of distribution. First call was for a modelling portfolio (now booked) and the second was regarding a wedding in 2015 (Now booked). These two customers had seen the image credits, sat and googled me whilst sat in their Doctors, liked what they saw and contacted me. A job it would appear many didn’t want, my wife calls me and this tiny 30 minute job has already earned 15x it’s value. So a copy of the images on the page on which they were shown. I’ve highlighted the all important credits in green đŸ™‚



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