Something different.

Posted: September 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

Another adult shoot today, but not the usual studio stuff, with the young lady in question wanting to complete an image outdoors. She had mentioned wanting a derelict house or monument and whilst we have a plethora of derelict buildings in the area we don’t have anything what I would regard as suitable. We do however have the old mausoleum to the north of Welton, East Yorkshire.

Long since forgotten about and well hidden in woods this old building is becoming encompassed with the greenery of mother nature. Built in 1818 by local banker Robert Raikes (1765-1837) this family tomb was to be the centre piece of a new cemetary. The cemetery however was little used and finally abandoned some years later.

I pitched the idea and location to the client and she agreed what a different location this would indeed be. When we arrived the most bizarre and spooky thing happened, there was another vehicle there. Two old people were scything away shrubbery around the mausoleum. We approached and as we did so they identified themselves as descendants of Robert Raikes. With broad cockney accents they explained that they annually attend the site and clean it up as all descendants throughout the years have done. A short while later they left, happy with me photographing their heirloom and we started the shoot.

Nothing suitable, from the shoot, for these pages but here is a simple wide angled shot of the mausoleum. You can see that once upon a time this monument would have been a majestic site but years of morons vandalising it and the ever encroaching mother nature have taken their toll.


My enrolment at Uni followed by a quiet day of editing tomorrow.


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