Excellent Day

Posted: September 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Pleased to say that my first ‘major’ corporate event went superbly. 250 competitors for the afternoons fun and shenanigans which were divided into respective categories of school standard ability. From 3-legged racing and space hoppers to a 150ft inflatable assault course and finishing off with rounders and 5 a side football there was something for everyone.

The 250 competitors were by no means my biggest event to date. I have covered BGA events of 300+ competitors however they are all in one stadium and not spread about over several football pitches and running at the same time. My main issue was covering the different levels of sporting activities to provide a balanced overview of the afternoon. With that in mind I acquired a timetable and set about making some sort of coverage plan. Thankfully the finals were all consecutive, so people could enjoy them all, which then gave me at least some opportunity to capture a good selection of the various events. A fantastic day and some 900 images later it was time for tea before the evening event of presentations, music and celebration (drinking).

The evening was held in a local club. A good size, though a little dark for photography, I suggested our ‘white wall” option to capture the presentations and fancy dress in best quality. This obviously makes my job 100% easier as it’s effectively my studio in portable form rather than, on the hoof, portable flash lit subjects which never look brilliant regardless of how prepared you are. The organisers of the evening gave me a wonderful area to set up in, isolated from general footfall and yet massively prominent near to the main entrance/exit.

We set up as per any event or function, where our white wall is being used, along with our newly acquired display screen which either shows a random selection of the days images or any specific image being processed at that time. Die-sub printer and all the associated equipment in tow too.

I finally finished with my last clients/image at 0130hrs and decided to pack up. It ran onto 0200hrs but I wished to be packed up and clear before the exit became clogged with revellers all awaiting taxis etc so off we went. As a plus point to the evening the live band, who played and excellent selection of music, paid me to take a portrait image of each member and a group shot. Grabbed a few of them on stage too but the ‘nightclub’ lighting was not helpful in doing so. If it hadn’t been for the few lights they had brought themselves we would have needed candles to see them 😉 Anyway one from the day just to show the type of fun games they took part in………


And one from the evening, a fancy dress affair which was great fun.



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